Verdure In Azione

Original art by Paul Read 2007

Photography by Daniele Casanova

VegetablesInAction also known as VerdureInAzione I created the VegetablesInAction series of art works in 2010. Never before published but thanks to Covid lockdown we've been finally sorting out our huge collection of images were I found the collection and decided to publish it to entertain all. No vegetables were harmed without being eaten. With thanks to Danielle Cassanova (RIP) for the photographic work and thanks to Abi for providing the locations for some shots and for performing the unique art to dinner conversion.

Sprouts Loufer Mushroom ashtray Asparagus Tooth-brush Brocelli Toilet-brush Lettuce face fannel Marrow car-jack Pepper cocktail glass Carrot Dip-stick Marrow slippers