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69p/card & envelope in packs of 10 (with individual cellophane wrappers) or 59p/card without cellophane wrapper. Post & packing £2.50 (free with orders over £20).
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The Happy Flower Garden cartoon greeting card (PR1)

Originally drawn in 2007 with a number of tweaks since then, this image was my first card to go into production after one local church ordered 100 copies. With that order well received I decided to publish more of my Happy Flowers greeting cards. In 2012 this image was again re-vamped by repositioning many of the flowers to give a more random effect.

ReadiesCards The Happy Flower Garden
ReadiesCards PR1 My Happy Flower greeting card PR1: Happy flower garden A6 greeting card with envelope £2.00
About ReadiesCardsI’ve been designing and creating greeting cards for more than 20 years. Initially just to family and friends but now for everyone. I find creating the image relaxing. I hope you enjoy my art as much I enjoyed making it for you.
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