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69p/card & envelope in packs of 10 (with individual cellophane wrappers) or 59p/card without cellophane wrapper. Post & packing £2.50 (free with orders over £20).
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PR11 Happy I’m Sorry flower cartoon greeting card

A sad flower with a tear wipes its eye with a hankerchief representing ether ‘I’m sorry to hear your news’ or ‘I’m sorry to have done wrong‘

PR11 Happy I’m Sorry cartoon greeting card
ReadiesCards PR11 Happy I’m Sorry flower cartoon greeting card PR11: Sorry flower A6 greeting card with envelope £2.00
About ReadiesCardsI’ve been designing and creating greeting cards for more than 20 years. Initially just to family and friends but now for everyone. I find creating the image relaxing. I hope you enjoy my art as much I enjoyed making it for you.
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